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I believe I said “we don’t do boring” here.   I was sitting here spinning wool, minding my own business when from the laundry room smoke detector came a terrific racket .  There was also a bit of smoke, but we didn’t figure out from where it came.  I am dehydrating grapes into raisins, but that didn’t seem to be the source, nor did the dryer.   So it remains a mystery until we can figure out how to repeat it.


Beau seemed today to have forgotten that his job is protecting livestock in the pasture and preferred to get out and protect the house occupants.   Lacey received the treats for staying in the pasture and DH spent several hours mending the fence that Beau smashed.  (No, we don’t do boring)


There was some sewing time –  the Psalms flimsy is finished.  It seems the tops are piling up faster than I’m quilting them, so I placed it in line to be quilted.   I want to finish it and get it mailed off before Mother’s Day.

Mary is coming over tomorrow.   In anticipation, I was looking for a “silk” fabric that I want to embroider to make a tapestry.   That won’t happen tomorrow as I didn’t find it, but I did find the Sunbonnet Sue blocks for which  I was looking when I found the kits for the Psalms quilt and the giraffe quilt.  Now, I need to go looking for something else and that poly silk that I saw last week will turn up again.   I have found a number of items that I didn’t know were missing until I went looking for something else and the missing are slowly getting done.   Another thing that turned up were large boxes of fur fabric.  I haven’t been into making stuffed animals the last few years, but maybe I need to make some to clear out some of those boxes.   With all this, one would think there would be holes on the shelves where these items were.   No, not one hole on the shelves!     But this fur is taking a share of the floor.  I haven’t been purchasing either.  But then a friend did send me some pieces that I need to use, so they are on my list to be used before summer.   I’m thinking of something like a ‘hole in the barn door”, with a special motif in the center.  Yes, by the time it happens, that may morph.

I think I should open this place up for those of you who would like to come over and sew or quilt.  (I have a guest room)   Then maybe with more hands, I’d get more projects done.  Just let me know when you’re available.   Ideas, patterns, and fabric along with equipment are here.  No, not a bit of gardening was done today.




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  1. Sally says:

    Check your water heater??? Ours smelled of burning plastic a few weeks ago. The heating element burned. When I told my brother about it, he said he saw one flare when he was checking out melted wiring on a friend’s water heater.

  2. Sally says:

    After I come help you get your projects done, you have to come down and help out here. ;) I still have plenty of boxes of fabric and needlework from the great MOVE.

    • sharon says:

      I don’t really do needlework, but if we got all this fabric into circulation for those that need it, then I’d have time to help with yours. I feel so committed to get this fabric made up for people who have less.

      • Sally says:

        Getting fabric into circulation to those in need now is a very worthy endeavor but in the not so distant future we may be find that our skills and stash will be necessary for our livelihood and those in close proximity. While hording and stockpiling are unhealthy compulsions, we may not regret having some excess. Forge on and get to the gardening, too.

  3. jatshaw says:

    Stashes can be scary, can’t they? My yarn supply is more than adequate….. and then there’s quite a bit of fabric, and other stuff……all crafty things.

    • sharon says:

      There is one thing about stashes or palettes – it means that I have so much more that I can share.
      Many times in my life have not been like that.