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Quilting old and new and a festival



  Finally, I  chose a flannel backing and have mounted this ready to quilt – which won’t be this week.   All these trips are taking their toll on my time and me.   I am getting much less done, because after all this driving, I’m to tired to tackle anything big.  Now the legal work is done and we only have to sign the house deed over to our trust when that paperwork is done.    So happy we don’t have to think about dying any more, I can get back to living!   I still have a few more treatments before I know if the work he is doing to avoid knee surgery is doing the job.

IMG_3989Isn’t this a beautiful piece of fabric.  It will become a part of my next quilt, which will be pieced without any applique.   I have pressed the pieces and will cut them  tomorrow.

IMG_3987This  was my first spinning wheel – the one upon which I learned.   It is a wonderful wheel, in fact, it is still being made today by Clems and Clems.   They are now charging over $800 plus $30 for each extra bobbins.   So on Craigslist it will go this weekend.  Can I call this downsizing?  Hopefully, someone who doesn’t want to float a loan will have the opportunity to learn.   If I had to pay that kind of money to learn, it wouldn’t have happened.    By the way, if  you live in the Seattle-Tacoma area, the big fiber festival is Thursday (and free).   You will find it by googling Madrona fiber festival in Tacoma.   I have not been  before, but I’m planning to be there this year.   I will be checking everything out – not taking a class this first time.   And of course, I’ll try to remember photos for those who can’t go.