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Exercise, spinning and gardening

I started the day with exercise and then a knee treatment.

IMG_3710  By 1 PM, I was ready for a rest.   I spun another 30 inches of roving (I tore the roving into 30″ lengths – just 28 more of this particular one to do at one a day).   When the roving is spun, I’ll ply it and look for a sweater pattern

  Then to the greenhouse where I thought there might be some potatoes from last year that we missed.





This is what we found – about 1/3 bucket of potatoes and one single leek.   Enough for a couple meals.   There were a number of tiny potatoes, so we left them to grow new plants.  I need to get someone to dig the beds outside as I have about 50 potatoes with 6-8″ long sprouts that need to be planted.  Maybe what I need is a whole week of sun without appointments.










I looked  again at working up these two kits and decided they need to go in a very back spot.   The designer gave all the patterns and fabrics, but not much in instructions.  And applique is not my favorite thing to do. Maybe when I get old………..I can drag them out again.

Meanwhile, I think tomorrow, I’ll go sign some legal documents, and by then it might be warm enough to go play in the dirt and I can get a few of these potatoes into the ground.   And I need to buy peas and get them started soon.