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Cooking and Cleaning

IMG_3961 IMG_3962 IMG_3963I was looking for something else, but this is what I found.  Somehow, they were put in a tub and the tub was put on a shelf and though I knew I had them, I didn’t know where.  I don’t even remember how old they are.   The giraffe is the only one open so far and the pattern date is 2002, although, it probably was  purchased in a later year. They are kits,  so the fabric is with them.   They are reasonably small – the giraffes are 25 x 23, the owls are 36 x 42 – and the elephants 25 x 33    I may just make each of them into a baby quilt.   The instructions are a bit scarce and the giraffe pattern is only of the three giraffes, but they include fabric to make legs, hooves, and faces.   Too bad, they didn’t create the pattern that way.  These will be next on my list, if only to get them done and out of a box.  I can at least get them to the flimsy state, which is where I seem to be stopping this year.  Maybe that’s a good thing as I’m supposed to be able to see better after the April cataract surgery.

The rest of my day was spent at the gym, making a lasagna, washing clothes, and cleaning house.   Yes, I cleaned the house, but not the studio.   It’s nearly time for a deep spring cleaning and since I no longer climb step stools, I have a younger friend that will help me at that point.   Do you take everything out of your cupboards and closets, and clean and do all the woodwork as well?   I like to get that all done at one time.  Then I feel I can garden and enjoy the summer without that hanging over my head.  And this weekend, I will try to start the tomatoes, greens and peppers.  No promises though.