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A little gardening, a little canning, a little shopping



I froze grapes in gallon bags last fall because I just didn’t have time or energy to make grapes then.  Also, I find the raisins easier to dehydrate once the grapes have been frozen and thawed.   So this morning I canned 6 pints of grape juice from the thawed raisins.


After coming home from gym, I sold my first spinning wheel to a man who has taken one lesson on the same type of wheel.   It’s a good wheel and he should enjoy it.

 After lunch, I went out and worked on one side in the greenhouse.   It’s amazing, even baby carrot seeds dropped last fall have started growing.   There were these carrots left in over winter.   They are a  bit short as I need to dig down farther to give them more good growing soil and less hardpan.  Not only were carrots starting to grow, but the weeds had a great start.   Tomorrow, I will put down the preplant nutrients and water well.   This weekend, I’ll start sow some cool weather crops and hopefully get some tomatoes and pepper seeds started in the house.   (Need more hours)


We retrieved the sewing machine that had to be serviced and made a stop at Costco, which is rarely cheap.  We had $55.00 in  rebates off this, so that helped ay for the extra dog treats.   We should be good for another year of treats now.

 I certainly don’t want to forget that Beau wants to be a house dog, and therefore has been climbing the fence.   That would be okay if we could trust him not to leave when the gate opens.   We can’t so he has to stay behind the fence.  He weighs about 120#, but fortunately walks well on a lead.  So, in the dark and driving rain, we ushered him into the quarters he shares with the sheep at night.  Now I wish you all  a good, restful night, knowing that tomorrow will have new challenges.