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Busy, but not accomplished

Some days are just too long for the energy I have and too short for what I want to achieve.  This was one of those.   After walking half an hour this morning (I’m doing 10,000 steps a day now), I  rested my legs by spinning on my electric spinner.    Then it was time to go to the medical appointment to try to avoid knee surgery.


Lunch already!   Ok, we decided since we were close to a Whole Foods, we’d pick up some bread we especially like and put some in the freezer.   Since they only had 2 loaves left, we didn’t fill the freezer.   However, we decided to eat there, which won’t happen again soon.


Home again and another half hour of walking which gave me about 3000 steps.   Then it was time for a webinar on replacing zippers –  continuing education which I enjoy.  After that it was time to feed and put the animals to bed.   A few more steps to complete my day and oh, yes, another batch of grapes on the dehydrator that weren’t drained enough made the smoke detector tattle on me again.    This time I was right there and saw what happened.   So this was a day, plenty happened, but nothing gained in the studio or in the garden.  And tomorrow I start over again with the steps and the gym which I am grateful I can do.