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Finished owl flimsy




This is the finished top.   I decided to redo the last owl upright as too many didn’t like that he was falling.   It is 36 x 40″.   The owls sit on a background that was cut 6 x 6.5″   I cut 6″ width of fabric twice = 1/3 yard.  Then I used width of fabric 6.5″ wide for each side and 3.5″ for the length between the columns.  There is a 3.5″ piece sewn on top of the column and then again on the bottom of each owl.  I With 42″ fabric, it worked out that  I could cut 3.25″ from each side and put it on the bottom of two of the owls and by cutting the 3.25″ off the middle two columns and sewing it together to place under the center column of owls, then using 4 widths of 2.25″ for the binding, it took 1.25 yards for the front and binding.   Another yard will do the backing, unless you are doing it on a quilting machine, in which case it will take a bit more.   The owls, etc are cut from scraps.  There are about 86 leaves, and are for the most part cut the same as the wing.   I used the width of 2 and the length of 1.8 zig zag on my machine.


IMG_3951Then I received a bit of a happy surprise this afternoon.   Mary and her daughter, Tiffany (Tristan’s mom) came over to show him off.  He’s a bit unhappy as he had just seen the doctor.   He looks all boy to me.