Daily Archives: February 18, 2016



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Tired Thursday?

I am so ready to have this be the end of the week so I can have a Sabbath Day’s rest.   One more day.

Today we spent much energy and time toting the rest of last years hay over to the sheep pen and spreading it out so they could stay out of the mud.   I don’t remember having this much mud before.   We have fewer sheep and more mud.   I guess it’s all that rain.


My sister did a marvelous job on all these Sunbonnet’s.   She had the first one all put together and the second one, I finished with the sewing time I had today.



The sashing is all cut out for two more and there are 35 little girls left, so I think I’ll do another one like these two and then put a solid corner on the last one – but wait – that means I need 16 girls and there are only  15.   I wonder if she has any of these fabrics left -though I doubt it.   Any thoughts on how I can make 15 work out?   If I added another girl from my fabrics, it wouldn’t match any of the fabrics she used.     Tomorrow, I really need to get back to the quilting, as I now have 5 quilts hanging on the board with one on the machine and 4 more hanging in the closet ready to be quilted.