A finish and the Barn Door

IMG_4051 While looking for another fabric, I saw this box on the shelf.   I thought I had accounted for all the kits and started items, but NO.   This box had mostly fabrics with patterns and then this one placemat.  Years ago, I took a beginner class in paper piecing.   I didn’t like this pattern and I didn’t like paper piecing.  So this went to a dark hole.   All it needed was binding and that was in the package.   It is now finished.


Then I made a few more “Hole in the Barn Door blocks”   I quit when I was taking them apart as fast as I was putting them together.   Another day, I’ll work on it again.

2 Responses

  1. jatshaw says:

    Interesting blocks. Aren’t they the same as Churn Dash?

    • sharon says:

      Yes, many of the old blocks have several names, depending on what area of the country.