Elephant babies










Mary came over today and we  went through some boxes of fake fur.   I hung much of it up to not only get rid of more boxes, but to have it out where we could see and use it.    These baby elephants are from a Carol’s Zoo pattern which I cut out a few years ago.   The mother elephant had already been made and gifted, so these wee ones are on their own.  We enjoyed making them (with embroidered eyes) and now will decide where they should go.   Or maybe we’ll wait until we have made a few more animals.  There was quite a bit of fur in those boxes.

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  1. Sally says:

    Super cute! I found my Carol’s Zoo patterns last week but I can’t find my fake fur. Maybe I don’t need to make more stuffed animals right now. Yesterday, my SiL sent about 5 boxes of crafty stuff home with DH. It is from a friend who passed on last year. I will sort and disperse. I seem to have a gift for recirculating stashes from friends who have moved on to the next life.

    • sharon says:

      Thank you Usually I love going through other people’s craft boxes, but I have enough of my own forgotten items, I need to start there. These boxes were in the very back, under the staircase. With some of these being 2 yard pieces, I may have been thinking to line them with something soft to make snuggle blankets. I’m certain this is dated pre=fleece. Maybe I should cut out big bear shapes, line it with something soft and give it to the boys.