Replacing a worn part on a sock

 IMG_2604A very tired worn pair of socks that I still enjoy wearing.   I decided they are worth salvaging,


So I carefully cut the toe off and picked up the stitches, which have been semi felted with all the use.  They are now ready to re knit the toe.


Then I went to look for the rest of the yarn.   It may be that the toe, gets put back on with a solid color.



I called the Doctors office this morning for an appointment to check this replacement ankle that I have and they had an appointment in 2.5 hours.   Since it takes an hour and a half sometimes to get there, we quickly had lunch and left.


This was the view from our exam room.   Yes, I have to have the ankle replaced sometime before the end of the year, which means, I better make a list of what I need to get done before then and a list of what I want to have ready to use afterwards, like fiber for spinning and knitting yarns with patterns.   He says that I can’t place weight on the foot for 3 months, but with a wheel chair and a walker, I’ll get around.


2 Responses

  1. Liz A. says:

    Oh my — that certainly doesn’t sound like any fun. How are you going to get downstairs to sew? I can’t imagine 3 months with no weight ….wow.

    • sharon says:

      My guess is the same as last time. I’ll have enough spinning and knitting upstairs to keep me busy for nearly a month – I still have the wheel chair and 2 walkers. As soon as I can, I’ll do the steps on my stern with a walker at each end. It’s better than not being able to walk at all. It appears at this time, they are looking near the first of October, which gives me time to finish gifts that have to be done.