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Vet and Vitamix


Lacey has been coming into heat about every 4 months.   Again, no pups in there.   So in July, she gets special medicine to keep her from coming into heat so soon.   The vet says her uterus doesn’t have time to get in shape between breedings.    But I’m willing to bet, if the male had been a mutt, things would have been different.



Today, I was thrilled to get this new Vitamix, courtesy of our Fed Ex man.  I can’t remember when I purchased my last one, but it has been heavily used for many years.  I use it several times most days.  It has started smoking and sometimes it just quits.  So we ordered a new one and waited 3 long weeks.   I will probably have the old one serviced as a secondary one for things like dog food, and other such that I don’t want in my good blender.  I love the fact that this has a bit stronger motor and larger blades.  I will initiate it tomorrow morning with our smoothies.

One of the food items that I enjoy making is a “cheezy” sauce.   I use about 3# potatoes and a pound of carrots, well cooked plus liquid.  Then I add 2 T of nutritional yeast, some garlic and onion powder and salt.    We love this sauce over many foods, even potatoes.    If you just want gravy, omit the carrots.   Once you make it, you will find ways to change it to suit what you need.   So yummy that I challenge you to try it.