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It’s picnic time!



The flimsy for Picnic Time by Lunch Box quilts is now done, ready to tidy up, press, quilt and bind.  OH , that does sound like there is still a bit to be done.   Does any one of you have a suggestion for quilting this.    It challenged my skills in some areas, so I’m happy that I made it.  And I really like it.

Sorry it hangs funny, I must get a wider board, so wider quilts will hang straight.  This quilt is 62″ square.  If you’d like to make one, click on the red words and it will take you to the link.

 IMG_2639The service man came this morning and took this apart.   Then he didn’t have a part he needed.   He’s coming back tomorrow, and I really hope he can get it all done.   Another day and parts will start getting lost.