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Sloooooooow day

Today was slow.   We finished cleaning the last 20# of strawberries.   I took my daughter grocery shopping as she just moved into a new place.    She wanted to go to several places, which took more time.    I came home and we had a large salad for lunch and then rested for awhile.  We don’t have air conditioning and I think the heat slows us down.


When it cooled off, we fertilized the tomatoes and what other plants are still alive in the hoop house.   It hasn’t done well, which I think is partly because we have had temperature issues and partly because with my knee issue, it has been semi-neglected.   I am just really happy we have a Sunday market that I can purchase products to fill in the gaps.  The tomatoes, however, are happy and have lots of little green tomatoes on them.   We should have a good crop.  The potatoes have died back, so I should go looking underground and see what is there.   We only planted about 20 feet for an early harvest.   The rest we planted outside and I am hoping they are doing better.

When one can’t get it all done, it’s best to just be thankful for what one can do.  There’s always next year, right?