Daily Archives: June 22, 2015




Replacing a worn part on a sock

 IMG_2604A very tired worn pair of socks that I still enjoy wearing.   I decided they are worth salvaging,


So I carefully cut the toe off and picked up the stitches, which have been semi felted with all the use.  They are now ready to re knit the toe.


Then I went to look for the rest of the yarn.   It may be that the toe, gets put back on with a solid color.



I called the Doctors office this morning for an appointment to check this replacement ankle that I have and they had an appointment in 2.5 hours.   Since it takes an hour and a half sometimes to get there, we quickly had lunch and left.


This was the view from our exam room.   Yes, I have to have the ankle replaced sometime before the end of the year, which means, I better make a list of what I need to get done before then and a list of what I want to have ready to use afterwards, like fiber for spinning and knitting yarns with patterns.   He says that I can’t place weight on the foot for 3 months, but with a wheel chair and a walker, I’ll get around.