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baby hats and revitalized rooms


IMG_2632136 purple baby hats are now cut and ready to sew!  These are 8.5″ high and 15″ wide.


 I met a young woman with lots of energy who likes to clean house.   So she helped me take these rooms from storage to usable.  We started with the bedroom, which I hope to turn into a guest room


Then the used and abused kitchen area.   It looks so clean and pretty now with everything put away and all the dish cloths and towels where they belong, as well as the pile of things on the table that didn’t seem to have a home.   There really was a table under all of those items.


This is the other half of that room.  The tables that we started the plants on this spring are all down and planting supplies are no longer in this room, for the most part.   The lights are still here with a shelving unit, but out of the way.   It feels so good to have this all done.  I know you probably would have liked to have seen it before we started, but I forgot, besides I’m not sure that I wanted you to see.

The current plan is to have it ready for me to recuperate in.   That will eliminate the steps for the first month or however long it takes to get up and down them again.