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machine embroidery

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Picnic quilt blocks

IMG_2476  IMG_2478







This beautiful color has dried and now she looks like the photo on the right.   She’s still cute.


I have all the hot dogs and corn done,    I was going to start the ice cream cones, but had to get off the knee and ice it. so I’m planning to have at least some of  those to show you tomorrow.   They look like they will take about an hour a piece and there are 6 of them to do.

This twisted knee is getting in the way.   I went to the doctor this morning and he thinks it is meniscus related. so rest it as much as possible for a couple weeks and see where we are.   Sometimes doctors are so impractical!  Do they think we have little fairies to feed the animals and water the hoop  house?   And no, the big garden just won’t be going in this summer.