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Texture Magic


Texture Magic comes in these smaller 7 x 10″ packages.   The largest I’ve seen is about a yard, though it also comes in half a yard.    It looks like it may be nylon.   One hoops the fabric to be textured and pins this on the bottom of the hoop


Then sew some type of pattern all over the fabric to be textured.   In my case, the pattern I am using came with it digitized for me.   The more lines on the fabric, the more it shrinks, so you want the lines to go vertically and horizontally.


After you are satisfied with the lines you have, removed it from the hoop and steam it like crazy.   The more steam, the more shrinkage.   The package says it will shrink 30%.   You can see it bubbling here.


When it is done,  it will lie flat once again.IMG_2510 What happens is only the back (shown here) will shrink    Your fashion fabric will not.   That is what causes the texture.   It can now  be washed and dried without losing the texture.   Just don’t iron it.

Yes, I said “in the hoop”, but that’s only one way it can be used.  Without  the hoop, you would want to stitch the Texture Magic to the fabric before you start so it doesn’t move while you are putting this stitching on it.   I can see this as being fun in clothing as well  as decorative items like pillows, even purses.   I hope you’ll try it as it was fun and my pieces will become part of the quilt.