Daily Archives: June 7, 2015

Sunday Market opens


I love it when the market opens and I can buy fresh foods that didn’t make it into my garden, which this year is many foods.   There are a number of these booths with foods, flowers, and handicrafts.


We purchased some apricots, cherries, asparagus, apples and lettuce.   It’s still early and there will be more items added weekly.   Since most of these farmers are not certified organic, but use organic practices, I try to remember to ask if the seed is coated.   Most commercial seeds are now coated with insecticides, so I try to find out about that.   If they don’t know, I go shopping at another booth.   Today, I only found two that knew their seeds were not coated.   One man was vehement about not using those coated seeds.    He said he farms the old way, with compost etc.   And he will not change his prices.   He says he knows the value.   And because he has great produce, I buy from him.


Market is at the bus/train station, so the city has made it a nice place to go.


I worked some on the quilt.   I was delighted the way the drumsticks turned out with the crinkled fabric.    I also found that I did not make enough of that fabric, so made the rest of what I’ll need.

Today I made the “no-egg” salad.  It was so good, we had it for lunch on bread and dinner on crackers.   Not what I planned, but when I came to the kitchen to make dinner, I found DH was already eating this   And now it is gone without a photo.    The thing I would change in this recipe is the mustard which was a bit much for me.   I think if pickles were added and a bit of the garbanzo juice, it would be a marvelous dressing for potato salad.

Did I mention the temperature was 86 today, so tomorrow we will be spending time watering.   It was warm enough that the two dogs were in the pond as well as at least one sheep and the alpacas.