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NY Socks revisited


013 walking in the park

Rest was our word for today.     The weather was lovely so we went for a walk in the park and my “FITBIT” gave me credit for over 14,000 steps today – an all time high.

016 feeding frenzy

We came home and fed the livestock.  They are in their evening feeding frenzy – each afraid he won’t get what he considers his share.(or her share).

015 showing lifeline

This evening, the socks came out for attention.    The purple is the lifeline, put in there so that if I have to go back because of a dropped stitch or a mistake,  I can correct without losing lots of work which is what happens when a stitch goes it’s own way.  Without the lifeline, there have been times, when I ended up so exasperated, I just started all over.

To put in a lifeline, knit the row, then go back through the stitches just knit with a tapestry needle threaded with a  contrasting yarn. Then when knitting that row, be very careful not to knit in any of the lifeline.

017 heel turned

When the heel is turned, I insert the rest of the skein of yarn in the sock which it is becoming.   This saves lots of untangling crossed yarn .  (and yes, sometimes, I do it earlier, but I need enough sock knit in which to put the skein,)

018 yarn in socks

Knitting a sock toe up is new to me and I am pleased with the way it has gone.   I will definitely do this more often.

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