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Today is a beautiful sunny day, but froze last night,   which means bunnies need water dishes instead of bottles   The dogs must think spring is coming as we will be expecting Great Pyrenees pups in about 9 weeks.  It also means fence repair as they have been getting out of different pastures.

Happily for the last two days I’ve reached the 10,000 step mark on the fitbit and looks like I will again today.

As for the blogging,  this is a real process!.   One that has consumed to much of the last  days.   So for now, we’ll move on to projects.  Eventually you will find a button to see yarn in and yarn out as well as the same for fabric.  For now I’ll send you over to Judy’s blog where you can see what others are doing in those departments.  And soon I will put up a list of BOMS that I’m following, though it seems I get myself on overload there as well.

Fortunately the ufos are all in the quilt list.   January’s  goals are here.

Today I am working on Bonnie Hunter’s Celtic Solstice quilt top in a baby size.

I’m also trying to learn a cast on for toe up socks.

I’d love to hear how your are doing with your goals.  Are you working ufos,  leaning new techniques or ?