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Winter rain

I love winter rain because it is better than frozen.   I don’t have to break ice for the livestock, the bunnies can use their water bottles and my hands don’t freeze when caring for them.    The freezing days we do have give me  sympathy for the Midwest folks with all the low temperatures they are enduring..  The temperature here today was up to 45 and will stay in this area all week, with nighttime temps in the lowest 40s.   With livestock, rain often times equals mud, which is one of the reasons these sheep wear coats..

P1000507 muddy livestock at feeder

In the sewing room, I started  binding my BQ quilt and worked on my Celtic Solstice blocks, which in photos have not been pressed or trimmed.

P1000504 BH  Celtic solstice block 1P1000505 BH Celtic block 2

I think I learned the toe up cast on for the socks.   At least I was finally – after several attempts – able to get both socks on the needles and started.  Here is the pattern I’m workingP1000503 NY sock instructions