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Patience Builder

Today my plan was to do some embroidery.   I may yet, but in the meantime, I had a lesson in patience.    It went this way:   Yesterday, my keyboard had several letters that would not type, noticeable the “h” and “k.   Now the “k” I might be able to get around, but do you realize how many words have an “h”.    So I popped some of the letters off the board to remove an incredible amount of dust and possibly food crumbs, put the keys back on and I was in business for the rest of yesterday.     Today, however, the keyboard refused to give me several of the letters I wanted.    So I gave up trying to fix it and went to Office Depot.  By now, I have used up the morning.

I brought the dogs into the house as they are real escape artist – at least until we can get the pasture fence repaired.   Then I went to the store, bought the new keyboard and came home.   Unfortunately, dogs had been let out of the house and Lacey zoomed out of the gate right behind my coming in.   So I retrieved her and went to plug in my new keyboard.   Guess what!    The “h” didn’t work.   Back to the store and had them check it.   It worked just fine for them.    Home again, I used a different USB port and YEAH!

P1000532 new keyboard