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JANUARY sew-fun

 P1000616 Sue Piehler - teacher

Today I thought it would be fun to share with you a bit of the Sew Fun club.   Sue was the presenter and made several of the items shown.    There were many more items, this is just a sample of what we enjoyed.

P1000618 Modern Blossoms bookThe blue and white quilt is from the book “Designs Modern Blossoms, which has embroidery designs as well as patterns.  They are exceptionally easy to make with variations that make it your own.

P1000615 baby fiesta quiltP1000614 Oh Baby squares quilt

Two quilts from the book “Oh Baby”.   They are both bright and cheerful as well as easy to make.

P1000613 3 fellows on a pillowThese fellows on the “Winter Bench Pillow” are just plain cute.   The pattern has instructions to make the long pillow and the designer is making seasonal patterns so that one can use it all year long.

P1000617 robe from and Sew to Bed

The last pattern I took a photo of to show you is from the book “And Sew to Bed” which has pajamas, robes, cosmetic bags and other items.    The pattern robe and PJ patterns are for children and adults.   The book also has several other patterns for nighties.

Thinking of what you might like to see and then sharing it with you was fun.   Would you also be interested in some of the recipes we use on a plant based diet?