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Under water in paper

P1000651 Kati at the parkAfter a lovely afternoon walk in the park today with our youngest daughter and her husband, we came back home to reality this evening.

P1000666 piles of mailDo you have piles like this of mail that must be addressed?

P1000667 piles of magazinesOr a magazine pile like this including seed catalogs that you want to look at?

P1000668 February calendarIn January, I thought I would just make a list of what I wanted to accomplish this month.   It didn’t work for me.  I wasted time because it seemed like there was still plenty of month left.   Here I am now on the last week and know that I could have done more if I had scheduled it.

For me what works best is taking  a calendar page like this and detail which days I plan to do which items, which is what I’ve done in years past.     No, I don’t get it all done everyday, because I always think that I can do more than I can.  However, I do get the important things done as well as a lot more that I want to do and I do not stress if something doesn’t get done, I just add it to another month.   So tomorrow, I will sit down and make out a menu for the following month as well as fill out this February page of projects I’d like to get done.  Both the menu and the items to do can be altered, but at least I have a guide that keeps me on track.