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A fresh start

As the 2014 begins, I hope you are having as much fun as I in listing the projects you would like to make and other things you’d like to do. My list changes drastically as the year goes on, because there are so many fun things that I find on the net that get added to my “to do” list. So far I have

Family – I want to spend more time with each of the children and their families. And one daughter says she is interested in learning some of my skills.

  • Quilting 59 on my current list which changes a lot this time of year all the new ones showing up as BOMS

  • Sewing 53 items on this list

  • Embroidery 30 items, again soon to expand.

  • Knitting 20 pair of socks plus a couple sweaters – this list is incomplete

  • AG doll clothes So many patterns and outfits these girls would like, but they take a back seat

  • Learning skills The big one this year is EQ7, watch Quilt Show videos, watch spinning videos and learn to spin to garment to be made. How to digitize some designs I want. How to blog.

  • Health My goal here is to lose at least 30 pounds and get a daily exercise program – probably walking to be a habit. I received a Fitbit for Christmas. http://www.fitbit.com/one?gclid=CJ-89_CC27sCFVaVfgodL0cAsQ So no excuse.

  • Spinning there is plenty of alpaca, angora, mohair and wool sitting here waiting. In addition, I have rabbits, one angora goat, sheep and alpacas, dogs – all of whom will produce more fiber.

  • DIY projects Not so many here. Though I am working with bees and hope to get them more productive this year. repair and sell my treddle sewing machines, clean out a couple rooms that homeless things go to. Reorganize the sewing room. There will be more added to this list

  • Charity projects I am making receiving blankets and quilts for the church There are pillowcases and little purple hats to be made for the hospital though I have taught my DH how to do the crochet ones. He is doing a great job. I’ll sew the fleece ones. I like to make a few quilts for street mission

I know better than to plan to get all of this done in one year. And it is a fluid list. At the same time, a list keeps me from wondering around wasting time. I can look at my monthly list and choose which to do.

Do you make lists of what you’d like to accomplish? Does your list look anything like mine?

I have placed some fun and tempting badges at the side at which you may want to look.