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Kay Capps Cross

This morning I quickly fed all the animals and headed off to an all day class with Kay Capps Cross at Quality Sewing.

She is a “Quilt Whisperer”, saying the quilts talk to her and tell her how they want to be quilted.   She works in association with Baby Lock.   What a treat!.   I learned so much.   A saying she likes is “It’s okay to be fabulous and flawed”.

P1000540  Kay Capps Cross


She talked about the function of a quilt as well as types of quilting, giving us examples of each.  She talked about when what might be appropriate and then went on to tell how rules could be broken and still be very successful.   Second half of the morning was spent looking at quilts that members of the class had brought and we talked about what they were saying and how to quilt them.   Extremely interesting, but I’m going to need much more practice at this.












and closer up


After lunch, the topic was Tips and Tricks for quilting.  She taught us the best way to baste a quilt, about tensions, threads – good and bad, battings, and rulers.   It was a full afternoon.

























If you carefully at the below photo, you will see she quilted it with words

P1000547 writings


If you quilt, do NOT miss a chance to go to one of her lectures.

 PS  I’m sorry about the big gaps between images.   Does anyone know how I can fix this?