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Knitting lifeline

Remember the lifeline I put in the socks for “just in case” I needed to back up.   After knitting another inch and a half plus, I gave up – they were going to be too short.  I like my socks to fit.   So I ripped back a couple inches, back to the lifeline which I was so very glad to have put in there.   It saved me from ripping out the entire sock and starting over.  I went to the knitting group who was doing that sock as a knit-a-long and have asked what could have gone wrong.   So socks are on hold until I hear from someone who has successfully done them.    They have become ufos for now.   Just in case you aren’t familiar with that term, a “ufo” is an “unfinished object”.     In the quilting world, they are called either “ufos” or “pigs” which is “project in grocery sacks”.

015 showing lifeline


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