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Half square triangle leftovers

P1000693 blue half square triangle

Remember those triangles I cut off the flying geese yesterday?   Since they were sewn before cutting, the bias has not been stretched and they are secure.    Here’s what can happen to them in the future.

P1000694 squareing up

First I squared them up.  Size doesn’t matter for this.  Whatever size you cut off, press open and lay a ruler on it, with the diagonal line on the diagonal line of the square.  Trim around it to make a perfect square.  So let’s say yours measures 3.14″, just cut them to be 3″    Whatever the size, down the road, there will be a use.

P1000700 arrangement 3

P1000699 arrangement 2

P1000695 lay out

Then I played with arrangements.   For my next projects, the pinwheels will be useful, so mine are becoming pinwheels.

P1000697 sewing together

When quilting, very little needs to be thrown away.   If it was just strips, they could also be used in another project.

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