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Greenhouse Issues

 P1000585  greenhouse rip

January was very windy and cold.   The left front ripped off the greenhouse and our son-in-law, Zach,  helped put up temporary plastic.   A couple of weeks later, the right front  ripped off.

P1000587 greenhouse front open

It has now been properly repaired.   Apparently, the front had not been built to have the air flow between the two layers of plastic.

P1000608 finished coldframe

We live in NW Washington state, so we have never needed heat in the winter to keep plants from freezing and  have some foods like celery and greens in there throughout the winter.   Unfortunately my banana trees and some other plants did not endure the freezing weather.   Some of the winter hardy food is still good.

It is so much warmer inside during the day, that in another month, I can start the early plants out there.

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