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Yom Kippur thoughts

Yom Kippur starts this evening at sunset.  Although this is not a day most Christians celebrate, I think it is a good time to reflect on the early times of Judeo-Christianity.    This was the one day of  each year that the Israelites were to meet with God in a very special way.  They were to have totally clean bodies and homes.   Any wrongs they could remember must be made right and any sins forgiven.   Nothing was to be left to distract them from the meeting with The Almighty.   This God is so holy that anything left undone would cause the death of the Israelite who was negligent.  Their entire year was geared to being ready for this most special day when they were to be “At one” with  God – The day of Atonement.   This was the day sins were physically removed from the  camp via the scapegoat.

They understood what reverence for God meant.    I remember as a child when we stepped into the sanctuary, we were not allowed to even whisper.   We were to be absolutely quiet in the house of the Lord.   It’s so different today.

And my house is rarely spotless. I have “company clean” areas, and “the rest of the house”  I make excuses, but I wonder how uncomfortable the angels are with all these piles of things I want to get to and that take up so much space – physical and mental.  Yes, I know that I am loved anyway, but am I showing my love and appreciation for Him by not being ready for His presence?  Or am I taking advantage of His love and longsuffering?   I can  assure you that if the Queen of England were going to visit, I would not find this measure of cleanliness acceptable, so then why do I find it okay when the King of the Universe wants to visit with me?  If I want to be ready for the next visit, I should start immediately after this day is over and probably best by reducing how much there is to clean.  I don’t want to be too busy to be ready for the King’s visit.  And I want the angels to be comfortable here.

I’m not looking for anyone to answer, but rather am thinking out loud and would like to cause others to think.  What better day to pause and consider these things than the anniversary “Day of Atonement”

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  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I fall into the same category as you do as far as my house is concerned, and already twice this morning, I’ve been reminded / prompted to examine whether I need to forgive anyone (and I do…). Why do I keep putting it off? None of us is guaranteed to have tomorrow.
    I have some work to do…