Daily Archives: September 10, 2017




Pumpkin head #2

Pumpkin head #2 is now ready to be embroidered and quilted.  I think I should find a little black cat and a embroider a spider to finish them off.   But finishing them may not happen this year.   I may pin one of them on the wall just for decoration just like he is this year.

When putting together the applique pieces, I laid an applique pressing sheet over the pattern.  It is a white “Teflon” type of plastic through which one can see the pattern.   I press Steam-a-Seam on the back of the fabric I will be cutting out and after removing the paper, press it over the pattern picture.   I assemble the entire block on the pressing sheet and press.   I then carefully lift it off and over to the backing I have previously prepared.   In this way, I can see the image on the pattern for placement and if I put something down incorrectly, it is easy to move on this sheet.   Hope this explanation helps those of you who aren’t confident in placement.

I am done with this pattern now, and if more than one of you would like it, let me know and at the end of the week, I can draw names.  He is a cute little fellow.   But 2 are enough.

Still waiting to hear, but I think that my daughter’s in-laws may have a lot of water in their house in Florida.