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Ankle brace and long ago

I spent two afternoons getting this ankle brace fit.   I somehow injured the tendon that goes by the ankle and so for at least the next 6 weeks, I will be wearing this.   It does slow me down some.   But hopefully it will give the tendon time to heal.

This afternoon, I was looking for felt that I think I have to finish the twinkling snowmen wall hanging when I found a box that was put away long ago and I wasn’t even missing.   In it were some unfinished projects. Imagine that!  One was labeled as a quilt that a daughter was going to make.   However, she only chose fabrics and didn’t actually start.   So that was easy, I just put the fabrics back with the other fabrics.   Project done.   Then there was this Fall pattern with pattern pieces pinned to it and not put back together very carefully.   So I will try to figure out what was going on here and possibly finish it.   The pattern is dated 2001, so I know that it is not older than that and might be 2-3 years younger.

I did make a trip to the grocery as it has been so very dry that we are having to supplement this for nectar from flowers so the bees don’t starve this winter.  Then I went to the bee supply store.  The item on the left is a “J” hook to use when looking inside the hive and the thing on the right is a “bee protein patty” which I’m guessing has peanut butter in it.  The screen is for making the entry hole smaller to keep the yellow jackets from storming into the hive and stealing.

We froze a few more bananas for “nice cream” which we enjoy on hot days.

And, because you asked, this is what the cucumber chips look like when they are ready to eat.