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All day dozing and winter food prep

Today was more food prep for winter and for the weekend.  So the applesauce was canned, rice cooked, greens cooked, and split pea soup made.   Laundry was washed and that’s about as domestic as I could handle today after the gym.

lt’s difficult to see in the shade, but this little fellow and his great big brother worked in the pasture all day.   The day started with someone not closing a gate, so all the Cormo

sheep decided to form one group in the pasture without a fence between them.   Fortunately there is only one mature ram here so they are just getting the chance to breed a bit earlier than had been planned.   It could have been a disaster if we had had more than one mature ram.   I will mark my calendar for 150 days from today though I don’t think any of the ladies were ready.  There is always some type of excitement and that doesn’t even include having a dog that got out and was checking out the neighborhood.

Sunday, the plan is to seed the pasture that is ready and possibly finish dozing and seed the rest of the pasture next week.   These things always take longer than expected and don’t seem to go exactly as planned,

Shabbat Shalom  Enjoy they day.