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Sheep show

I was given a ticket to the fair so I could watch the sheep show.   And I planned my week accordingly.

I enjoyed watching them ready the sheep for the ring and

enjoyed watching the judge choosing the winners and stating why he chose them.

My friend placed some first, some seconds, and some thirds so was very happy.

After the judging, I went over to the wool area.   I think I should enter some wool next year.

After the show I hurried home as I had a large bunch of grapes to turn into grape juice.     At least these were the plans for today.   Instead, I received a phone call asking if we could have lunch with family members here tomorrow.   Ok.  I could hurry home and be ready.   When I got home, I turned on the stove to continue steaming the grapes, then went to feed the animals.

Remember the sheep that stuck her head in so far, she got stuck?   Yes, she did it again and it took 2 hours before we finally got her out.  She should remember the headache from this and not try it again.  Oh and the hot wire we put up yesterday, we had to put a portion of it back up today as the sheep found a short in it and took some of it down.

At this fiber farm, life is interesting and we are never bored.   I hope I will sleep in tomorrow – at least an hour.  Happy Sabbath to each of you.