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September’s OMG plus other goals




This project has been in the making for 3 months and this is as far as it has come.   So this will be my primary focus.   I’ve stalled because this will take thinking and doing some unfamiliar things.   All those spots in the photo on the left are little twinkling lights. Perhaps linking up to Elm Streets One Monthly Goal will give me the push I need.

OTHER GOALS:  September’s sewing/quilting goals will be more modest as we have much work to get the sheep and pastures set up for breeding.   We also will be finishing up the gardens in the next two months.  Grapes are set to start picking in another week and tomatoes, cucumbers, and other items need to be harvested and put up.   Then there are the new greens for winter which are just peeking out of the ground.   Hopefully, we will get the water and propane lines finished that we started.   Then we are still waiting for the big dozer to come in and clear more land that will be put into pasture.   So the next two months will be extremely busy.

2.  I haven’t chosen a project yet, but there will be one for Hatched in Africa

3.  If there is time, I’d like to get another of the Sunbonnet Sue quilts quilted and bound.

TODAY:   I occupied my time picking up some bananas at the grocery and two 30 mile round trips to pick up the grain that I had ordered.   It comes in 40# bags and I was on my own today.   So I was pleased to find that I could handle the 26 bags and get them where they needed to be.

I am also doing a fair amount to studying to find exactly what these sheep need to produce the best wool.   It seems there is some controversy on this, so I’m doing some research.