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Daisy and “Ribbons” table runner

On the left is Daisy at 4 months  (I know -not French, but she said that is who she is) and Beau on the right when he was 2 months.   I find it interesting how long those little noses grow.    Daisy has become quite playful.   She gets so excited when I come to see her that her whole little body wiggles.  However, today, Lacey let her know that she (Daisy) is at the bottom of the totem.  She didn’t hurt her, just rolled her over.

Here is the “Ribbons” table runner for which I tested the pattern.   It is available from the Quilt Pattern Magazine in their October issue.   It measures 20 x 53 and is easily made larger or smaller.   It looks so very different in different color combinations and it would be fun to have a different holiday on the reverse side.   I love testing for this company because I can choose which ones I want to test and the colors.   Therefore I can make items that I can use.