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sheep/grapes AGAIN


Grapes – bucketsful turning into grape juice.  I pick the grapes off the stem and then steam them.   It will be wonderful this winter.

Sheep:   He wanted a selfie.   I was trying to get this

photo of the wool on his neck, but he insisted on the selfie as well.  I wanted you to see all this crimp and this is on his neck.  For those who don’t know, this crimp is what gives the wool the ability to remember it’s shape after being worn.   This wool is next to the skin soft and lovely, sometimes referred to as buttery.

This is how guard dogs pass the day.   Should anything – like a coyote rabbit, strangers – show up anywhere near the fence lines, they would be instantly awake and taking care of the problem.  But don’t they look relaxed?   At night, they make fence line rounds, just looking and watching for trouble.

Today, I spent some time rearranging sheep in preparation for breeding.  Tomorrow, I should get that finished and the sheep will be in their new groups for the next month.   In November, all the girls can form one nice big flock, the Shetland boys will be separated once again and the Cormo ram will go back to his owner.

This big fleece (larger than a screen door) now has the soap rinsed out of it and is drying in the barn.  My hope is that it will be a nice big rug once felted.   And that ends another day on this fiber farm.