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Kitchen work, fiber play








Kitchen work this morning included finishing the pear butter which has now been finished and processed, ready for the winter.   Then I sliced these cucumbers to dehydrate for chips.   They are so good with hummus, which is made with one can of white beans and one can of garbanzos.   I process this until smooth by adding a bit of water and then soy sauce and lemon juice to taste.   Oh, soooo good.

Then it was time fiber play time.   My neighbor and I changed coats on some of the lambs (can’t take a photo while holding sheep) and then we were joined by these lovely people from the Brooklyn Tweed company.   They came to touch and examine the Cormo sheep that live here.  They wanted to see how they are raised and how lusciously soft their wool is as they are considering a line of Cormo wools for their company.   We spent a delightful afternoon with them and then it was time to feed and water the sheep for the evening.  It was such a lovely way to begin September.

And now:   Shabbat Shalom and have a safe and wonderful holiday.

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  1. Dar in Mo says:

    Interesting idea with the cucumbers. I recently bought a digital dehydrator to do some drying of veggies and other things. What do you do to the cucumber slices to get them ready for dehydrating? I still have a few from the garden which I was going to turn into the relish recipe that I sent to you, but maybe this would be a fun project to try. Thanks.