Elm Street OMG for Septemer

OMG for September – Hooking up with Elm Street quilts with my finish for their One Monthly Goal.   Finally the snow people have noses.

Plus there is the little pouch for the transformer to hang on the wall behind the snowman to take the weight off the quilt. This little quilt measures 27 x33 and is done in time for the this year.  It is “Twinkling Snowman” by “aquiltingroadshow@msn.com

The neighbor and I spent too much time getting all the sheep into the proper pastures for their breeding season.   The ewes will be reunited in another month.

And here is the news from today’s paper    “Expect rain and cold temps until July 5, 2018”.  I truly hope this is wrong.

2 Responses

  1. Dar in Mo says:

    Congrats on finishing up your snow people. They look cute with their little orange noses.

    BTW. Thank you for seeds. THey came today. Can’t wait until Spring comes around next year. I have some other seeds to try too — watermelons and special beets.

  2. diane says:

    your talent and eye for detail often amazes .. sewing, knitting .. is there anything you cant do well???? nice winter quilt!