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Dozing begins

It is so dry after 2 months of no rain, that if it has even a hint of green one knows from a long distance that it is nettles growing.  So the dozing begins.   They have taken down all the blackberries in the top pasture and tomorrow will finish removing the  nettles in this pasture.  Then they will plant what they estimate to be about 3 acres.  The weather forecast  is for rain and in the 60s all but one day next week.   Absolutely perfect weather for pasture growing.   I am getting excited about this as I’ve waited a long time to get this done.  The sheep will be excited in the spring.

There is so much farm cleaning and repairing right now to get ready for winter.  I’m hoping to get back to the sewing machine next week, when the weather isn’t encouraging me to be outside.  I think my sewing studio is missing me.


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  1. We have had very little rain here either – hubby is already feeding our precious winter supply of bales… Even a number of deciduous trees are turning colour due to the dryness! I hope for your sake that you recieve the forecasted rain – for your pasture’s and your sewing room’s sake!