Happy Independence Day


Summer and it’s produce have official arrived.   We are scheduled for an 80 degree week and we have started picking zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes.    The tomatoes and zucchini, I’m fine with.   And I can make some pickles, but these plants are loaded.  Besides pickling and eating fresh, how else does one save cucumbers.

And we now have 12 cups and 1 pint of strawberry jam.  In this house, it’s not good to run out of strawberry jam or peanut butter and we ran out of both.   Therefore, tomorrow must include a run to Costco for their Kirkland brand organic peanut butter.

That was the limit of our work today.   We enjoyed a bit of sun and are listening to all the crackers that are popping while still daylight.  The noise scares the animals, so they are locked up for the night.    Enjoy the sights and sounds tonight.


7 Responses

  1. Dar says:

    Your produce looks beautiful. I have picked 2 small cucumbers and 3 little cherry tomatoes so far. Ours are not very far along with them being small and green. My zucchini plant is big and beautiful, but the produce on it is about the size of my little finger (and has been for a week). It’s like it is not growing any bigger for some reason. Hope it picks up soon. I did make some zucchini bread from one that was given to me by a friend. I LOVE zucchini bread. Would eat the whole loaf if it didn’t make my tummy ache. lol

    • sharon says:

      We like zucchini bread as well. The early produce here is because of the hoop house. It makes a big difference, esp this year when so much was rained out early.

  2. I use up a lot of cucumbers by making relish – both green and yellow. Last year, we had a bumper crop of cukes, and I tried every pickle recipe that sounded reasonable… Some turned out really well, others, like the lemon ones were only good for the compost bucket….

    • sharon says:

      Do you have some of the ones you likes best to share? I only planted the one kind which is a pickling one, but I found that if they get larger, they are very good eating in slices or salads.

  3. Donna says:

    I have not tried it; but, I wonder if cucumbers can be dehydrated.

  4. jatshaw says:

    It seems like it was a quieter Fourth than others at least in our n’borhood. Hope you’re doing the canning in the evening as it is w=hot work! Do you ever make icebox pickles?