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Bee watering and moving sheep

The boxes on the left are the best thing I’ve seen yet for the bee watering.   They are coated so that they hold liquid, yet they have the slatted boards inside so the bees can land and not drown.   They are meant to be able to feed the bees sugar water in times of drought, but since bees need water all summer, I think I can just put water in them and the bees can easily find it.  The screens are for on top.  One can just pour the liquid through them and not have to open the bee box and get the bees upset.  So these came home with me.

The spent most of my day with a friend going through the wool that I have here.   She showed me how to clean the finest wool and we looked at the sheep which her husband brought to me.   It appears he didn’t find the list she left him and brought some of the correct sheep and some will be replaced.   After she left, I moved the Cormo sheep to the big pasture behind the house, which has been empty for 4 months and left the Shetlands where they were.   There are plenty of blackberries for them there.   The Shetland rams are moved up to a hot wire enclosed acre.   We also decided which ones should be sold.   It was a very productive day, but I’m ready for the Sabbath.

I pray that each of you will have a restful Sabbath and happy weekend.