Daily Archives: July 9, 2017




Farming can be interesting

Farming can be interesting.   Last night Lacey dug out of the pasture she was in with sheep { but if needed she could have gone back in through the same hole}.   I forgot to put the chain across the gate where Beau was supposed to be attending sheep, so he was not in that pasture (though again, the door was open so he could get in if needed.  5 of the sheep went through a door to get the grain put out for them, but somehow, one of them backed into the door and closed it so the other sheep couldn’t get in and they couldn’t get out.   Did I say “Farming can be interesting”?  And just look at these predicted temperatures.

Guess where we’ve been again.   DH is spending the night there for observation.   He had some chest pressure and better safe than sorry.  He will undoubtedly come home in the morning.