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Slow sock progress at hospital “hotel”

We saw so many doctors and DH had so many tests that when there was down time, I did more resting than knitting.   So only a few rows were added.   I’m hoping now that we are home, that can change.

Saturday evening, the doctor did a marsupialization on the liver.  We are hoping that will end the liver misbehaving.   The heart is in need of something, although, we still aren’t sure what they have decided there.   But that is a month away and will be either medication or 2 stents.

Usually the hospital had a cot, or a chair that converted to a bed, but I thought you’d enjoy seeing this unusual “cat perch” which was the only available place one night.  On it one never really goes to sleep because it is too narrow.  With a family this large, we had the luxury of always having someone with DH.   The service was excellent and it was great to have at least two pairs of ears whenever a doctor showed up.   The surgery waiting room was fairly crowded as most of the family and in laws were there.

MEANWHILE back at the ranch………….

  I have a young lady that has been helping me with the gardens 2 days a week.   It was marvelous to be gone all that time and not have to worry about the watering or picking.The top shelf is now nearly all cucumbers.  I put 5# of blueberries in the freezer (we have been eating them a lot of them as well), there are also zucchinis and tomatoes.

We thank each of you for your prayers and thoughts and though there will still be doctor appointments, maybe by next week, life will be normal again.