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Wonderful day

What a wonderful day this was!    This great blue heron was waiting his turn at the bit of water left in the pond.

Then John showed up to put the posts in the ground for the blueberry netting, but we messed up.  He thought I had the poles and I thought he was bringing them.   So instead he brought the lumber for a room he is closing off in the barn.

Our daughter and two grandsons came over to visit and have fun.  They loved finding these tiny frogs as we were cleaning branches etc out of the pasture.

First they each pull tiny of a row of blueberries and then after some treats









Then a most wonderful day for the boys.   They were allowed to drive!The older boy is 13.5 and the younger one will be 12 later this month, so this was a real big treat.    The older one even mowed this section of the pasture as the sheep left the stems and chose to eat only the greens.  They both did a terrific job and I can’t wait for them to come back again.   By next summer, they could be real help here on the farm.   I hope they continue to enjoy helping