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Paper pieced fox; dogs, cucumbers

I used both ends of the day to be able to complete this little fox.   The pattern comes with two sheets to paper piece, one facing each direction.   I decided with this month’s intrusions, one will have to do.

This is the way the cucumbers looked going into the dehydrator and here they are finished.    Then I crumbled some in the blender for sauce or soup  so you could see how that looks.

This is a quart of dried basil.   Growing and dehydrating basil takes so little time and is really cost effective.

The rest of the day was spent trying to outsmart the 2 dogs who live here, but would rather be off checking out the entire neighborhood.    They are in escape mode once again.   So I erected some electric netting in one place and am hoping it stays hot.   In another place, I put a 2 x 12 x 8.   Let’s see if they can chew their way out of that! They can be challenging.   DH says it is because they have the coyotes trained to not enter and they have nothing else to do but think up escape plans.

And we did get a visit from youngest grandson  who turned 12 yesterday  – (along with his mother who is tad older).  It was terrific to have a normal day.