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End of July Garden and sock progress

This week, the garden has to catch up.   Our  youngest and her DH came over and I turned them loose in the hoop house.  So I will not have to deal with zucchini or cucumbers unless these missed some.   And that is okay with me.   It appears there are enough tomatoes to keep me making paste and sauce all week and there are still cucumbers and zucchini in the refrigerator.   So my plan this week is to catch up with using the produce.   And we have planted more lettuce this weekend.   The weather is promising 90-102 degree temperatures.   So we probably won’t be moving much mid to late in the day.   But we will be doing a lot of watering.

This morning (forgot to take photo)   I picked 9# of blueberries.   5# will fill a gallon Ziploc bag FULL.   I’m not as fast as I’d like to be as that took 2 hours.   My mind and body are not on the same page.   My mind has not connected with the fact that my body thinks it is older than 50.  So it often times runs way ahead of what the body is willing to do.  Next year maybe the blueberries will be higher on the plants and there won’t be so many at ground level.

Sock Progress has been slow, however, this afternoon I sat and knitted for a bit and turned the heel corner.  I like this particular pattern which is a 7 stitch repeat.  It is “Little Shell Socks” at http://www.knitting-and.com/knitlistgifts/2000/little-shell-socks.htmMy goal is to finish them before the end of August, maybe while enjoying the sun.