Rain and a celebration










Today, I chose to go to a new doctor who works with trigenics with the thought of possibly getting back on my feet a big faster and to get rid of some knee pain.   The knee has been x-rayed and shows no signs of arthritis, but I twisted it last September and it is still swollen.  Today, he took more x-rays and did some manipulation.   Tomorrow, I go back after we see the effects of today’s work.   Unfortunately it is an hour away in good traffic time.    So today’s trip took the whole day.

Since DH went with me, we decided to celebrate our 53rd anniversary by going to lunch at this new-to-us restaurant in Bellevue.   We found good food and good prices.

2 Responses

  1. jatshaw says:

    You were in Bellevue today??? What’s trigenics? Oh, and for another ?, what restaurant? We’re always on the lookout for good food/good prices!

    • sharon says:

      It was called “Teapot” up near 148 and NE 24th. I get to drive back up there to the dr today – a wonderful 4 hour round trip in this rain. Pray that I’ll navigate safely As for trigenics, it is light therapy and is being done on my knees to avoid surgery. Today, he should tell me if he thinks I’ll get the benefit that I want. He did one treatment yesterday and the knee feels like normal so far.