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Sailor’s Rib knitting swatch


It certainly needs something to make it square.  Yahoogroups monthly dishcloth group has a subgroup where we do a knitting swatch to learn new stitches.   I decided about midway that I didn’t like the needle being used, so though I didn’t change the size of the needle, my knitting changed.  It does make a difference!   It is about 7″ square and still quite usable for a wash cloth.

Mary was here today and we spent the afternoon using the Scan N Cut to make the pieces for this quilt for which I agreed to test the pattern.  I put steam a seam 2 on the back of each piece of cloth before we cut it out, so we can easily press them in place and later do all the stitching (which is enormous)    The smallness of the pieces makes it very difficult to get the backing off the sticky part so one can put it in place. The blocks are 12″ square with tons of detail.  We spent the afternoon and made one block.

DECIDED:   Be more selective and we will not be making this quilt twice.

.   You will have to wait until they publish it in April before I can show it to you.